Site Map

Get details on services, account, and resources.

  • Archive

    Visit the archive and take a look in the history. See old documents and pictures, read public domain books, and learn more about our history in our museums.

  • Certificates

    Apply for reviews, verifications and validations, use notary services, receive certificates and seals of approval and check the validity of certificates, documents and encryptions.

  • Console

    View the activities and logs of your account via the console and delete and change important data. To use the console you need technical knowledge.

  • Court

    Participate in guided dispute resolution, challenge court negotiations, discuss court decisions and learn more about justice and legal.

  • Departments

    Departments are the local units of the public sector. Find out which department belongs to you and see which events are taking place and get the latest.

  • Discussions

    Discuss what your future should look like, how the public sector should be and talk about the latest news about the public sector, completely without censorship.

  • Embeds

    Do you have your own website? Here you can embed free fonts, scripts, style sheets and libraries on your website completely free of charge and without burdening your server.

  • Executive

    The executive is responsible for compliance with the law. Find out more what the individual executive bodies are and how they proceed.

  • Future

    Take a look at this page and see what the future holds for us. Browse our plans for the future, including documentations, tutorials, manuals, articles, and scientific references.

  • Law Library

    View all laws and find the laws you were looking for. Download all laws, read manuals and discuss about improvements.

  • Media Library

    Watch free videos, listen to audio, view images, download and distribute software and read public documents.

  • Networks

    Discover and use networks and new technologies. Participate in the creation of a matchless computer network and prepare the world for the future.

  • Newsroom

    The Newsroom is the source for news about the complete public sector. Read press releases, get updates, watch videos and download images.

  • Offices

    The offices are responsible for administrative tasks, for the supervision of the departments, projects and applications and for the day-to-day business of the public sector.

  • Public File Library

    The Public File Library is the network for the provision of data-intensive files of the public sector. If you're looking for specific files, you can search in the Media Library.

  • Projects

    Projects are independent but publicly funded entities that pursue a specific charitable purpose. Search through all of the myriad of projects and take part in their amazing accomplishments.

  • Scholar

    Are you a student or do you have anything else to do with a school? Get all information about education here, see all school news on the blackboard and use our educational software.

  • Science

    Come to the place where the scientists meet. Check out the latest scientific publications and our publicly accessible magazines and discover exciting things from the world of science.

  • Search Engine

    Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. The search engine has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  • Short URL Service

    Our Short URL Service is a technical tool for statistics on the Internet. At the moment this service is only available for internal purposes and is currently not publicly available.

  • Server

    You can use the web-based server access for most of the services associated with your account, or download the free server app from the media library.

  • Account

    One account for everything, not a separate one for every application or company; manage your account here, change your preferences and simply keep track of all applications.

  • Statistics

    Find high quality freely accessible statistics, surveys and studies from the public sector, but also from independent sources. Also take a look at our data visualizations specially for laypeople.

  • Store

    Buy the most necessary goods directly from the public sector with the best quality. Since the goods are sold and subsidized directly by the state, most of the goods are completely for free.

  • Support

    Get support for the entire public sector, whether online or offline, contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for you. Here you can also read our numerous manuals.

  • Surveys

    Surveys are an important means to create statistics and adapting the public sector to the needs of its citizens. Take part in the surveys and let us know your opinion and needs.

  • Terminal

    The terminal is for entering data and executing programs, mainly for executing tasks of your account for which there is no user interface. To use the terminal you need technical knowledge.

  • Utilities

    Utilities are some technical tools that are publicly available. The tools mainly run on the client side; the source code of most tools can also be downloaded from the Media Library.

  • Vault

    Some technical things of the back end are stored in the vault. This page is currently not publicly accessible.